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ZenFusion Academy Partners with Erickson International

Since 1080, ERICKSON has been pioneering the most effective Business Leadership Programs in the world. We are proud to be their first partner in Ghana. We look forward to working closely with the Founder, Marilyn Atkinson, the Erickson team and their partners around the world.

ZenFusion Academy is aspiring to raise the bars in life’s excellence. We will be providing the Art & Science of Coaching and Coach training along with other courses offered by Erickson in full swing from September 2019.

Erickson International’s Clients

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For Individuals

Inspire  translational change in others as a coach

Learn what Solution-Focused Coaching is and isn’t!

  • Explore how coaching compares to counselling, consulting, and mentoring
  • See the skills you need to learn to be a coach
  • Map out your journey to professional coaching
  • View the measurable benefits of coaching
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Learn why 45,000+ coaches worldwide choose Erickson.

ICF Certificatioin

Learn about ICF certification process for coaches.

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If you are still dipping your toes into discovering what coaching is and how it can be applied in your life or career, come and experience a live coaching demonstration in this 1-hour powerful webinar.

Experience Coach Training Online Live Webinar

Learn what makes Erickson’s coach training unique and begin to get a taste of what it means to have coaching conversations, ask powerful Solution-Focused questions, and apply solution-Focused principles to create successful coaching conversations – all online and in only 2 hours 15 minutes!

For Organizations

Learn what Solution-Focused Coaching can do for team performance and company culture!

  • Learn why coaching skills are crucial for company growth
  • Find out how top leaders use coaching to benefit teams
  • See how organizations retain top talent with coaching

Get To Know Erickson 

Welcome from Our Founder

Discover the vision behind Erickson Coaching International with its Founder and President – Marilyn Atkinson

What Makes Erickson Different

Find out why online coach training is not all created equal and the unique benefits of our cutting-edge online platform.

What It’s Like To Learn Online?

Find out what makes Erickson coach training different and how we empower you to succeed as a coach.

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About Erickson

Become a transformational life coach, executive coach or business coach with our ICF-accredited program The Art & Science of Coaching and innovative graduate and life coaching courses.

About ZenFusion Academy

ZenFusion is a personality and performance elevation Academy.

Our Focus is to nurture people’s skills and professional potential by transforming their lives using the best resources in this era.

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